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Nurse Manager

Company Overview

Advanced Care Staffing is a leading, full service healthcare staffing company, serving hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities throughout the Tri-State area. We provide different employment options: Per Diem, Local and Travel Contracts and Direct Placement. Our reputation of excellence, with both our healthcare clients and job seekers, ranks us as one of the premier healthcare staffing providers in the United States.

Job Description:

Nursing Home Facility in Bronx, NY



Must fulfill the goals and objectives of the Nursing Department in regard to resident rights, resident care and in the general working philosophy of the Nursing Department, as well as serve to reflect professionally the mission statement of the facility and the department.


Assistant Director of Nursing


Under the direction of the Assistant Director of Nursing and in cooperation with other members of the health care team, manages the nursing care for the residents on an assigned unit.



Plan, organize, implement, evaluate and maintain policies, procedures and services for the residents on assigned unit(s):

· Ensure that nursing staff members comply with the procedures set forth in the Nursing Policy and Procedure Manual (e)

· Interpret the department’s policies and procedures to personnel, residents and visitors (e)

· Participate in administrative meetings as scheduled (e)

· Ensure that reports are completed in a timely manner that are required by the facility, governmental agencies and other agencies as needed in the interest of resident care (e)

· Attend clinical meetings for the unit as scheduled or requested (e)

· Participate in facility surveys (inspections) made by governmental and other agencies (e)

· Contribute to cost management by effective and economical use of staff, supplies and equipment (e)

· Notify management of unusual incidents or unresolved issues involving residents, family members or staff (e)

Responsible for the daily operation of the unity by directing, managing and supervising the delivery of nursing care services:

· Act as RN Supervisor as scheduled (e)

· Assign duties to licensed and unlicensed staff based on resident needs, unit needs and staff competencies (e)

· Implement and maintain established nursing standards (e)

· Make daily rounds on unit to ensure nursing personnel are performing their work assignments in accordance with acceptable nursing standards (e)

· Direct and evaluate the nursing care to be given by all nursing personnel on all shifts (e)

· Ensure that nursing treatments and services such as dressings, catheterizations, tube feedings, suctioning, respiratory care, trach care, vital signs, and ADL activities are being carried out in accordance with the resident’s plan of care, accepted standards of practice and nursing home policies and procedures (e)

· Notify the resident’s physician/nurse practitioner and family when resident is involved in an accident or incident (e)

· Assist the Rehab Nurse in developing a restorative nursing program for each resident (e)

· Monitor seriously ill residents and ensure prompt communication with the physician and family when a change of condition occurs (e)

· Make recommendations and arrange for referrals to other disciplines, consultants when indicated

· Make skin care rounds weekly (e)

· Make rounds with the medical provider (e)

· Ensure that physician’s orders are picked up, transcribed and carried out in a timely manner (e)

· Review residents’ weights and report variations to medical provider and dietician immediately (e)

· Communicate with physician/nurse practitioner regarding resident response to treatment (e)

· Ensure completion of the daily verbal and written report concerning the activities of the shift (e)

· Investigate resident and family complaints and initiate prompt corrective action when necessary (e)

· Schedule regular meetings with staff on all shifts to assist in improving services, identifying and correcting problem areas (e)

· Create and maintain an atmosphere of warmth, personal interest and positive emphasis, as well as calm environment throughout the unit (e)

· Ensure that all visitors to the unit and staff are properly identified (e)

· Ensure that all residents are wearing appropriate identification bracelets (e)

· Report to immediate Supervisor all reports of suspected abuse (e)

· Complete accident/incident report for resident, staff by visitors when required according to facility policy (e)

· Begin investigation of all resident accidents/incidents promptly according to established facility policy and procedure (e)

· Ensure that an adequate supply of personal protective equipment is on hand and readily available to staff (e)

· Ensure that the resident environment is maintained in a clean, safe manner (e)

· Arrange for emergency equipment/supply checks each shift (e)

· May make determination of death when necessary

Coordinate and ensure timely completion of nursing assessments and care plans as scheduled and according to NYS DOH, Federal rules and regulations, and nursing home policies:

· Coordinate timely completion of nursing admission assessment and other assessments including those for pain, falls risk and pressure ulcer risk (e)

· Ensure completion of scheduled assessments utilizing the MDS 3.0 (e)

· Develop and implement a plan of care for all residents and ensure the timely review, update and revision of the plan as determined by a change in the resident’s condition (e)

· Collaborate with other members of the health team and the resident in identifying issues related to resident needs and determine approaches to meet those needs (e)

With other members of nursing and the interdisciplinary team, ensures the efficient, professional and complete processes of admitting, discharging and transferring residents/patients:

· Ensure unit is prepared for arrival of new resident (e)

· Greet new resident and family and ensure that resident receives orientation to unit (e)

· Evaluate new admission/readmission to unit and ensure the timely notification to medical provider for the purpose of obtaining admission orders (e)

· Initiate documentation procedures for prompt and efficient admissions, discharges or transfers (e)

· Ensure timely transmittal of medical provider orders to pharmacy (e)

· With members of the health care team, residents and the family prepare resident and family for discharge when appropriate (e)

· Begin pre-discharge education program for the resident and family (e)

Directly supervises assigned nursing staff:

· Complete orientation, probationary and annual performance evaluations on unit nursing staff (e)

· Coach nursing personnel when necessary to improve performance (e)

· Provide progressive discipline to nursing staff on unit when necessary (e)

· Deal promptly and effectively with conflict situations involving staff (e)

· Ensure that all nursing staff are in compliance with their respective job descriptions (e)

· Ensure that the assigned work areas (nurse’s station, medication room, etc.) are maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary manner

· Monitor assigned personnel to ensure that they are following established procedures in the use of equipment (e)

· Ensure that the assigned nursing personnel follow established infection control procedures when isolation precautions become necessary (e)

Ensure that the nursing unit is adequately supplied with medical, nursing, linen and stationary supplies in order to perform nursing tasks and resident/patient care:

· Recommend to the Assistant Director of Nursing equipment and supply needs of the unit (e)

· Ensure that an adequate stock level of medications, medical supplies, stationary, linen and equipment is maintained on the unit to meet the staff and resident needs (e)

· Ensure the transfer of the unit keys to the oncoming shift

· Ensure that all equipment malfunctions are reported to Maintenance Department promptly (e)

Ensure resident’s safety in accordance with resident safety program:

· Follow safety features of the plan of care (e)

· Keeps residents bedside unit and surroundings clean, safe and noise free as possible (e)

· Receives reports and/or makes reports of unsafe equipment and/or conditions to the ADON (e)

· Report malfunction of equipment and/or broken furniture immediately to Maintenance Department (e)

· Participate in the implementation and maintenance of the Infection Control program for monitoring and/or reporting communicable and/or infectious diseases among resident and personnel (e)

· Ensure that all personnel performing tasks that involve potential exposure have attended the appropriate in-service training prior to performing such tasks (e)

· Ensure that the assigned nursing personnel follow established infection control procedures when isolation precautions become necessary (e)

· Ensure that personnel follow the established procedures for the use and disposal of personal protective equipment (e)

· Ensure that all residents are wearing appropriate identification bracelets (e)

· Identify the resident by reading the ID band and checking the photograph in the MAR (e)

· Ensure medication is given to the right resident by checking all resident have the appropriate identification including wristbands before dispensing notification (e)

· When administering medication, remain with resident to ensure that he/she swallows or takes medications as instructed (e)

· Follows standard list of abbreviations of medical terminology that are used in providing care (e)

· Document in the MAR with initials, in the appropriate time and schedule (e)

· Clear medication chart upon completion, replenish supplies, return cart at the nursing station and ensure its locked and no medication are accessible (e)

· Read back medical orders given over the phone including the name and spelling of the drug, dosage, route, frequency and reason (e)

· Ensure that all visitors to the unit and staff are properly identified (e)

· Otherwise adhere to resident safety program while performing day to day responsibilities (e)

· Report observations that are inconsistent with resident safety program or violations of the policy to immediate supervisor (e)

Participate in and adhere to employee health, safety, security, and corporate compliance programs and activities:

· Receive annual physical including appropriate screening for tuberculosis (e)

· The ability to conduct all activities within the resident abuse prevention manual (e)

· Cooperate with investigations regarding employee health, safety, security, and corporate compliance programs (e)

· Report all accident and incidents to ADON immediately upon occurrence (e)

· Correct unsafe or hazardous condition encountered, if unable to correct, report condition to immediate Supervisor upon discovery (e)

· Conduct all activities within established safety, security and infection control procedures and guidelines (e)

· Conducts all activities within established corporate compliance policies and procedures (e)

· Observe and respond to all standing nursing home security precautions, devices and alerts as they pertain to work and common area (e)

· Respond to fire/disaster drills and emergencies (e)

· Operate equipment and machinery in accordance with manufacturer’s directions and nursing home procedures (e)

Participate in mandatory in-service and job training programs:

· Attend mandatory in-service, annually (e)

· Attend in-service, workshops and seminars to further professional development

· Participate in the orientation of new employees (e)

· Identify learning needs of the nursing staff (e)

· Ensure compliance of unit nursing staff with attendance at mandatory in-services

Customer Service/Guest Relations

· Must have the ability to create and maintain a demeanor that demonstrates warmth, personal interest and positive empathy, as well as, a calm environment throughout the assigned work area (e)

· Must be able to treat all residents, and/or visitors with kindness, dignity and respect (e)

· All staff members must have the ability to effectively and professionally cope with and manage interactions with residents and their family members and/or visitors so as to ensure the best possible care, customer service and satisfaction.

· All staff members must possess the ability to effectively interact and conduct all interactions with clients, members of the public, vendors and consultants and/or anyone within the nursing home in a professional manner so as to ensure the best possible customer service and satisfaction.

· Must assist or get assistance for a patient/resident upon request or observation (e)

· Timely complete resident grievance form, when requested (e)

· Timely report any complaints or grievances made by residents and/or visitors to immediate supervisor (e)

· Timely report any observations or any suspicions of dissatisfied resident and/or visitors to immediate supervisor (e)


DIRECT-HIRE/ Permanent Placement



· Must be a graduate of an RN nursing program (e)

· Current registration and license to practice as a Registered Nurse in the State of New York (e)

· Bachelor of Science in Nursing required (e)

· Peripheral IV certification and BCLS certification (e)

· Must be CPR/BLS certified (e)

· Computer literate (e)

· Excellent organization, time management and staff management skills (e)

· Two years of clinical nursing experience (e)

· One year experience in geriatrics and sub-acute setting preferred

· One year of charge nurse or similar experience in any setting preferred

· The ability to read, write, speak and understand the English language required. Knowledge of other language helpful

· Effective oral and written communication skills (e)

· Ability to prioritize and organize unit activities (e)

· The ability to deal effectively and professionally with emotional residents/patients, visitors or family member (e)

· The ability to relate to geriatric, infirm and sub-acute population (e)

Contact Info:

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