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Director of Admissions

 Advanced Care Staffing is recruiting for a direct-hire / full-time role of Director of Admissions for one of our clients, a reputable Nursing Home Facility located in Bronx, NY. 

Job Description:

 Position:                               DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS

Responsible to:                  Administration / Executive Director of Nursing

General Duties:

                A.  To maintain maximum utilization of bed through active recruitment of residents
                B.  To establish contact and maintain good relations with the community and the public
                C.  To handle other related duties as assigned by Administration
                D.  To work in conjunction with Executive Director of Nursing and Director of Patient Services

Specific Duties:


1.     Answers phone call and in-person inquiries

2.     Gives tour of facility, which preferably have been scheduled by appointments

3.      a.) Presents all PRI's for review to members of Clinical Team   b.) Obtains further information if needed for Clinical Team

4.     Keeps admission's PRI disposition sheet in separate binder.

5.     Arranges admission of approved patients, in coordination with social worker and nursing staff

6.     Handles arrangements of re-admissions

7.     Acts as source of information to Department Heads as to resident movement and room availability

8.     Works closely with Finance Department Heads for consistency and accuracy in resident funding source

9.     Is able to complete all responsibilities of the Admission Assistant, either in conjunction with or his/her absence

10.   Is able to complete all aspects of Admission process.

Public Relations

1.     Maintains rapport with hospital Discharge Planners, Social Service Departments, etc.

2.     Participates in outreach to Community groups such as senior citizens centers, Health Related Facilities/Adult Homes, Churches, etc.

3.     Participates in all aspects of public relations event such as Open House for Discharge Planners to visit facility


 Salary: Commensurate with experience. Competitive with regional standards


 Vacation, holiday time, sick time, etc., determined on employment. Competitive with regional standards.

  • College Graduate / or related experience
  • Experience with geriatric population
  • Knowledge of required forms
  • General office and clerical experience
  • Community and public relations skills, including good telephone skills and ability to interface with many cultural levels

Contact Info:

 Call: (718) 305-6700 ext. 285


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