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Social Worker

Advanced Care Staffing is recruiting for a direct-hire / full-time Social Worker for one of our clients, a reputable Nursing Home Facility located in Bronx, NY. 


Job Description:

Position Title:                Social Worker

Position Summary:               Must fulfill the goals and objectives of the Social Work Department in regard to resident rights, care and the general working philosophy of the Social Work Department, as well as provide services in a manner that professionally reflect the mission statement of the facility.

Position Reports to:       Social Work Director

Position Description:       Provide social work assessment services to and intervention with residents, their families, and significant others, consulting and interacting with other disciplines as a team to achieve individualized, comprehensive psychosocial services with high-quality care.

Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Help applicants and their families express and/or clarify their feelings about their current situation and their admission into the facility  (e)
  • Perform comprehensive assessment of the resident caseload within statutory time limit  (e)
  • Develop an individualized treatment plan with measurable goals in conjunction with interdisciplinary team ensuring modalities used are appropriate for the resident. Use MDS 3.0 to drive treatment plan  (e)
  • Initiate discussion of discharge plans, when appropriate, with the resident and family  (e)
  • Explain and educate resident/family regarding understanding Patient Bill of Rights, Advance Directives and Facility Grievance procedure while helping with initial adjustment to the facility  (e)
  • Collect and evaluate all relevant social, psychological and medical information and prepare a social history  (e)



  • Serve as advocate to enhance quality of life issues and the adherence to resident rights  (e)
  • Provide ongoing therapeutic intervention and social work services to resident working with the resident and the family to facilitate adjustment to the facility and participation in appropriate programs  (e)
  • Assist interdisciplinary team members in advising the resident’s family of changes in the resident’s status  (e)
  • Maintain appropriate liaison with the other departments to facilitate the resident’s optimum functioning. Attend behavior management meetings  (e)
  • Maintain contact on behalf of the resident with the family  (e)
  • Act as a member of the Comprehensive Care Plan team contributing to and becoming familiar with the plan of care and entering periodic reviews.   Advocate for the resident, when applicable, at the care plan meetings  (e)
    Develop treatment plan based on agreed upon goals with resident/family  (e)
  • Select appropriate treatment techniques and creative approaches to maximize resident/family potential in coping with the defined problems, including corrective therapy when necessary  (e)
  • Observe resident/family response to treatment and modify program accordingly  (e)



  • Develop mandated psychosocial assessments and place them in the resident’s medical record  (e)
  • Maintain the necessary resident records to facilitate the provision of optimum services to the resident  (e)
  • Maintain charting on all cases in a timely manner to facilitate communication with interdisciplinary team and to provide clear documentation of social service activity for quality assurance reviews and other regulatory audits  (e)
  • Clearly identify psychosocial plan for resident, family and staff keeping all abreast of any changes or elaboration which may occur during course of residents stay at the facility  (e)·  
  • Responsible for intervention and documentation related to both psychiatric and behavior problems  (e·
  • Interpret and document changes effecting resident such as room, roommate and floor changes



  • Identify candidates for discharge and prepare the resident/family for discharge; assist in the discharge process  (e)
  • Ensure timely and efficient discharge, developing linkages for the resident/family with appropriate agencies and services  (e)
  • Provide counseling and assistance to the resident/family/other care-givers regarding anticipating discharge  (e)
  • Reassess the family’s need for assistance with benefits and entitlement and arrange to address those needs  (e)
  • Coordinate with the other departments to determine services needed to meet the resident/family needs at time of discharge  (e)
  • Provide short-term, transitional, post-discharge services to the resident and family  (e)


  • Utilize required personal protective equipment as needed and as per facility policies  (e)
  • Utilize good judgement in application of safety and protective devices
  • Complete annual health assessment, including appropriate screening for tuberculosis  (e)
  • The ability to conduct all activities within the resident abuse prevention manual (e)
  • Cooperate with investigations regarding employee health, safety, security, and corporate compliance programs  (e)
  • Report all accident and incidents to Director immediately upon occurrence  (e)
  • Correct unsafe or hazardous condition encountered, if unable to correct, report condition to immediate Director upon discovery  (e)
  • Conduct all activities within established safety, security and infection prevention and control procedures and guidelines  (e)
  • Conducts all activities within established corporate compliance policies and procedures  (e)
  • Observe and respond to all standing KHRCC security precautions, devices and alerts as they pertain to work and common area  (e)
  • Respond to fire/disaster drills and emergencies  (e)
  • Operate equipment and machinery in accordance with manufacturers’ directions and KHRCC procedures  (e)


  • The ability to conduct all activities within the resident abuse prevention manual (e)
  • Report all accident and incidents to Director immediately upon occurrence  (e)
  • Correct unsafe or hazardous condition encountered, if unable to correct, report condition to immediate Director upon discovery  (e)
  • Conduct all activities within established safety, security and infection control procedures and guidelines  (e)
  • Assist in developing resident safety standards for the Social Work department as necessary.
  • Ensure that all visitors and staff to the unit and/or work areas are properly identified (e)
  • Otherwise adhere to resident safety program while performing day to day responsibilities (e)
  • Report observations that are inconsistent with the safety programs or violations of the policy to the immediate Director and/or Safety Officer (e)


  • Attend mandatory in-services  (e)
  • Attend in-service, workshops and seminars to further professional development
  • Maintain a high level of industry knowledge and keep the Director aware of changes in the industry  (e)


*Note that the “e” indicates the essential functions of the job that must be satisfactorily met with or without Accommodation.


 Salary: Commensurate with experience. Competitive with regional standards


 Vacation, Holiday Time, Sick Time, etc., determined on employment




  • Must have the ability to create and maintain a demeanor that demonstrates warmth, personal interest and positive empathy, as well as, a calm environment throughout the assigned work area. (e)
  • Must be able to treat all patients/residents, and/or visitors with kindness, dignity and respect (e)
  • All staff members must have the ability to effectively and professionally cope with and manage interactions with patients/residents and their family members and/or visitors so as to ensure the best possible care, customer service and satisfaction.  
  • All staff members must possess the ability to effectively interact and conduct all interactions with residents, members of the public, vendors and consultants and/or anyone within the KHRCC in a professional manner so as to ensure the best possible customer service and satisfaction.
  • Must assist or get assistance for a patient/resident upon request or observation.  (e)
  • Timely complete patient/resident grievance form, when requested (e)
  • Timely report any complaints or grievances made by residents/patients and/or visitors to immediate Director (e)
  • Timely report any observations or any suspicions of dissatisfied resident/patients and /or visitors to immediate Director (e)



  • The ability to comply with departmental dress codes  (e)
  • Must prominently wear one’s ID card and provide one’s name upon request (e)
  • The ability to maintain normal, reasonable levels of personal hygiene and professional appearance  (e)
  • The ability to uphold the highest standards of ethics, integrity and honesty in matters of conduct and behavior as it pertains to work performance, position and profession  (e)
  • The ability to maintain confidentiality in all matters concerning KHRCC residents/patients as well as assigned computer/software and work product  (e)
  • Must possess the ability to coexist harmoniously with co-workers, subordinates, Directors and/or anyone within KHRCC, and to do so with courtesy, respect and ultimate cooperation  (e)



  • Must possess the ability to consistently come to work regularly (e)
  • Must possess the ability to consistently come to work on time (e)
  • Must possess the ability to adhere to time recording policy (clocking in and out as required) (e)
  • Must possess the ability to adhere to meal/break policy/schedules (e)
  • Responsiveness to being called/paged while on duty (e)
  • Willingness to work overtime when requested



  • Overall work performance and productivity as it relates to the position  (e)
  • Complete all assigned tasks thoroughly and in a timely manner  (e)
  • Demonstrate initiative by independently seeking additional responsibilities apart and above those regularly assigned  (e)
  • Readily and willingly accept new assignments and responsibilities as may become necessary or as directed by KHRCC Department Head or designee  (e)


  • Demonstrate the ability to utilize critical thinking skills and make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action  (e)
  • Demonstrate willingness to acquire knowledge and skills in order to maintain established competency levels and professional standards of practice  (e)
  • Utilize effective time management and organizational skills  (e)
  • The ability to work under stress and to meet deadlines  (e)
  • The ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously  (e)
  • The ability to identify issues/conflicts and problem solve  (e)
  • The ability to relate to geriatric, infirm, and sub-acute KHRCC population  (e)
  • The ability to follow and give directions clearly  (e)



  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Work required. Masters preferred 
  • Prior experience/exposure in health care setting required  (e)
  • Excellent organization and oral and written communication skills  (e)
  • Must be able to work under pressure, handle stressful situations and emergencies, interact with other departments, and have the ability to prioritize  (e)
  • Must be able to read, write and speak the English language.  Spanish also preferred (e)
  • The ability to deal effectively and professionally with emotional residents, visitors or family members (e)
  • The ability to relate to geriatric, infirm and sub-acute KHRCC population  (e)



  • Performs duties throughout the facility  (e)
  • Must be able to sit, stand, and walk  (e)
  • Must be able to climb stretch, bend, and lift  (e)
  • Must be able to climb stairs in performance of duties or the event of fire  (e)
  • Must possess sight/hearing senses, or use prosthetics that will enable these senses to function adequately, so that the requirements of this position can be fully met  (e)
  • Must be able to operate a computer or use prosthetics or devices that will enable such use  (e)
  • Is subject to frequent interruptions (e)
  • Is involved with resident/patients, personnel, visitors, government agencies/personnel etc. under all conditions and circumstances (e)
  • Is subject to hostile and emotionally upset resident/patients, family members, personnel and visitors (e)
  • Works beyond normal working hours and on weekends and holidays when necessary (e)
  • Is subject to stay or call back during emergency condition (such as but not limited to severe weather, utilities failure, evacuation, disasters etc.) (e)

*Note that the “e” indicates the essential functions of the job that must be satisfactorily met with or without Accommodation.

Contact Info:

Call: (718) 305-6700 ext. 285


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